About Royal Oaks


Royal Oaks is a beautiful neighborhood comprised of 139 homes.
We are located four miles west of I-95 just off Route 3.
Royal Oaks was developed in three sections from the late nineteen nineties through two thousand five. This very prime location in Fredericksburg attracted several builders, resulting in three stage development and three different Home Owner’s Associations.
We are section two……


Section II
Our section consists of 30 homes and we are located in the center or the heart of the neighborhood. Section II is made up of culdesacs with no through traffic possible, making it particularly appealing to those who enjoy a quiet neighborhood and safety for children. This section was developed from 2000 through 2003. G & M Homes was the developer, with primary builders being Locklear and Atlantic. We also have two homes built by Augustine. Many of the homes look very different and are just beautiful. For more information please contact us. Also please make note of our website address: http://www.royaloaksfredericksburg.com

Section I
The first section consists of 69 homes and was developed in the late nineties with the final homes built in 2003. Mitco was the developer and Locklear the primary builder, with several other individual builders securing lots and building homes. Many of the homes look very different and all are lovely which is indicative of Royal Oaks in general.

Section III
The third section consists of 40 homes and was developed from 2004 through 2005 by Augustine Homes. Augustine was also the builder for the entire section, hence this section is known as Augustine at Royal Oaks. The homes are beautiful.